Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a great spot to soak in a huge amount and range of temples, shrines, culture and architecture.

Kyoto - used to be the capital of Japan from 794 through 1868, Kyoto today is a small city with tremendous cultural assets. 

The Golden Pavilion Temple, also called Kinkaku-ji in Japanese, was built in 1397 and it is located in Kyoto, Japan.
The Golden Temple is a building with three stories. The upper two stories are covered with a pure gold sheet. The main purpose of the pavilion is to work as shariden, storing the remains of the Buddha’s ashes. One can see a typical Chinese style built on the top floor. The middle section looks like the Zen style and the last, the ground floor is made similar to the shinden-zukuri-style and does not have the gold sheet on it. 

The entire temple is covered by a beautiful garden with a pond in the front called the Mirror Pond. A lot of stones in the pond give a representation of the Buddhist’s era. In the year 1987, some parts of the temple were re-coated in thicker gold and some interiors of the temple were worked upon during the year 2003.

Kiyomizu-dera ("pure water temple"), This is a 1000-year-old temple with a great view of the city below.

Saiho-ji, you have to make reservations and pay $30. You can only visit at a couple of set times each day. You have to participate in a 20-minute Buddhist ceremony. After the service you can walk in peace around the garden, which contains 120 different kinds of moss.

Dry Gardens - Kyoto is the birthplace of the Zen dry landscape garden. A dry garden is built on a base of raked pebbles that may suggest water.

Koi -  Kyoto's temples keep lovely collections of Koi. Some of the carp may be rotated from a temple's collection into a "mud pond" where the minerals bring their color up..

Arashi-yama - at the west edge of Kyoto. It's the Iwata-yama monkey research station located in the mountains overlooking Kyoto. Not only can you find great mountain scenery, but you will be literally surrounded by wild monkeys.

Stepping the World - Japan, Kyoto
Video By: Hall TV

Hall invades Kyoto, home of the Japanese film industry... Is Movie Land. The home of the 'shogun', ready for our rotund raconteur we ask? The make-up department is for sure!

After a day in Nara, Japans most ancient town, the crew is all temp led out but the pictures are stunning.

The Gion Festival is Japan's biggest. Richard watches nervously as huge floats trundle through the streets with no steering wheels and at least fifty people ringing bells on board. How do they do that? Check out Stepping the World and your man on the spot will reveal all.