Shantinath Temple Khajuraho -- A Sanctified Space

Shantinath Temple is a Jain Temple which is located in Khajuraho. Khajuraho is a historical town in the Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh. The temple is famous for a 4 and a ½ meter high statue of the Jain Tirthankar, Lord Adinath. The idol depicts the lord in a standing posture. It is believed that the statue was constructed in 1028 AD.

All through the year, there is an inflow of Digamber Jain pilgrims to this sacred Jain shrine. Accommodation is also not a problem for tourists coming here as the Dharamshala near the temple provides good lodging facilities. This Shantinath temple is quite an important place for the Jain devotees. The temple is a unique example of great religious harmony and sanctified spirit of devotees displayed in the highest manner.

The massive idol for which the temple is famous for is believed to have miraculous powers. According to one known incident in the past, around 400 years ago, some invaders came to break the idol. As they applied the hammer to the little finger, milk started flowing out. Then honey -bees came out and attacked the invaders. The invaders ran after seeing the dense flock of the honey bees. Owing to this and several other such incidences, faith of people has been augmented here. It is also believed that the desires of devotees coming here with a pure heart are fulfilled after they recite their prayers.