Jiuzhaigou Valley

The nature park of Jiuzhaigou itself is made up of many different scenic spots – from rapids and waterfalls to still turquoise lakes, all set off by rocky, towering gorges and pine-covered hills.

In autumn, Jiuzhaigou Valley becomes a colorful landscape. The Tibetan people regard the Jiuzhaigou Valley as the Holy Mountain. The Valley has become a subject of one of China’s most popular legends. It is about a goddess who broke her mirror, the pieces fell from the mountains of Jiuzhaigou and formed great bodies of water.

Many sub tropical plants thrive in the valley along with rare grass and plants. The Giant Panda, and other endangered animals inhabit the Jiuzhaigou valley.

Beautiful bodies of water are also one of the highlights of the valley. The reed lake is one of the most popular lakes that bloom during autumn seasons that lure both animals and people. Waterfalls and lakes are abundant.

In the spring, the valley is filled with the fragrance of wild flowers. During the summer, the scene turns green and the valley becomes a haven to be refreshed in. Winter months, the mountains and the entire valley is wrapped in snow and ice.