Eastern France - Cont.

Located in the eastern part of France, with Burgundy to the west, Alsace to the north, Rhone Alps to the south and a 143 miles (230 km) border with Switzerland to the East, this region is located in the heart of Europe.

With its abundance of mountains, forests (covering 42% of the land) and open spaces, France-Comte is a favorite of those who wish to reconnect with nature and all those who enjoy outdoor sports and activities.

The Jura Mountains (a lesser-known winter sports alternative to the Alps) form a natural border with Switzerland. The "Grande Traversee du Jura" Trail, known as GTJ is a 350 km (or 200 miles long) and is accessible to everyone in all seasons. It is ideal for hiking, mountain biking or skiing.

Lorraine is poised as a major European crossroads, replete with a wonderful blend of French and German cultures, friendly people, and a beautiful countryside. It is a prominent industrial and agricultural area located where green fields abound with the blue backdrop of the Vosges mountains.