Hydra Island, Greece

 Painting by: Teresa Dominici, Title: Hydra Island, Greece

Hydra is perhaps the most beautiful port village in all of Greece. A tiny harbor ringed with cafes, restaurants and gold shops is surrounded by a village of stone houses and villas that rise up the hills like an amphitheater. But one of the best things about Hydra is that there are no cars. Everything is moved by donkey, including groceries, building supplies, people and their luggage.
There are many paths through the hills that lead to small settlements, monasteries and churches and a walk in springtime will introduce you to the islands large array of wildflowers. We walked to the Monastery of Profiti Illias and it took us an hour but the view is worth it. There are still monks living there.
Swimming in Hydra in the rather clear and deep waters can be done only rock diving.