Nesso, Lake of Como

Nesso is on the Como "leg" of the lake, along the road from Como to Bellagio. It is an old centre with picturesque groups of houses, spread along the hilly slopes and along the shore of the lake. The village centre is situated in the point where the Tuf and Nosè streams, which descend the Pian del Tivano, join and form a waterfall that plunges spectacularly into a gorge. This can be seen from the road or from the lake, by passing under an old bridge in a boat. Nearby, there are the ruins of a castle with a high wall and three small towers. The Pian di Nesso (Plain of Nesso) is at a height of about 900 m. It is a scenic mountain locality and is on the way to Monte Palanzone and Monte San Primo. 


Video by: Viaggi e Natura,

 Scorci di paesi che si affacciano sulla sponda scoscesa del Lario che va da Como verso Bellagio.Questo e' un tratto di sponda un po' selvaggia che pero' ha un fascino tutto particolare.