Oyster Bay & Kunduchi Beach, Tanzania

Oyster Bay Beach painting by Teresa Dominici

OYSTER BAY & KUNDUCHI: Oyster Bay and Kunduchi are both attractive beaches in Tanzania. Oyster Bay is the closest swimming beach to the centre of Dar es Salaam. It's fairly attractive and extremely popular on weekends. There is one good nearby eatery; the Oyster Bay Hotel, which overlooks the beach.
Kunduchi is another attractive beach, about 35 km from Dar Es Salaam. Dominated by a cluster of resorts, Kunduchi's attractiveness is somewhat decreased by the concrete piles that were placed here to combat erosion. There's a range of activities available: swimming, diving, snorkeling, water sports and fishing.(Neither Kunduchi nor Oyster Bay can compare to Bagamoyo, surely the gem of Tanzanian beach spots in terms of both beauty and atmosphere, which lies about 50 km further north along a very passable surfaced road.)