Portofino, Italian Riviera

Portofino is a small  Italian fishing village in Liguria and is located east of Genoa. The neighboring towns of Portofino are Camogli and Santa Margarita Ligure. These two communities managed the Portofino Marine Protected Area in which it is located. In addition, the municipality belongs to the Portofino nature park. 

Portofino is filled with expensive boutiques, restaurants, cafes and luxury hotels making it an ideal holiday destination. Beautiful pastel houses line the shores of the harbor whilst a landscape to rival sits inland.

Sitting on top of a hill overlooking a village is the Castello Brown. You can reach the castle by a path near the Botanic Garden. The castle is open from 10 am until 7 pm in summer, and until 5 pm in winter. The castle has a nice garden and affords great views of Portofino and the sea. 

Climbing up at least to San Giorgio is a must. From the Church you can have compelling views of Portofino – so it’s worth walking up there for some good aerial photos. It takes only a few minutes from the square in the center of town.

The church of San Martino is the 12th century construction which dominates the whole central part of Portofino. It has both religious and archaeological importance in the history of the place. The hanging arches and its beautiful rose window stand testimony of its Middle Ages past. Interior of the church is in particularly attractive and richly adorned with marbles, sculptures and valuable paintings. The triptych of saints Rocco, Sebastiano and Fabiano belonging to the Genovese school, dating back to the 16th century. The stripes on its front facade are very characteristic for the Lombard Romanesque style which could be seen on most church of Liguria.  

There are a number of good hiking trails both along the coast and on inland routes, many offering spectacular views. The northern part of the park is wooded with a variety of trees while in the southern part you will find more wildflowers, bushes, and grasslands. Olive trees are cultivated in many places and close to the villages you may see orchards and gardens.
Portofino's typical architectural style adds to the beauty of the town. Most of the buildings are painted in bright colors, including red och-re, green and yellow, and accentuated with decorative frescoes.

Portofino, Italy
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Perched on Italy's northwest coast, Portofino is one of the most perfect, most photogenic fishing ports in the Mediterranean.

Barzio - Valsassina

Barzio lies in privileged position, dipped in the green and in front of the Grigne.

Currently the town is considered the touristic center of the Valsassina and offers different opportunities to the sporting people. From there starts a cableway, that leads to the Piani di Bobbio and the Valtorta.

Entering the heart of Valsassina from Barzio, you come to the Piani di Bobbio which, along with the ski slopes of Valtorta, form part of a single skiing district. The area is also renowned for its many trails, which include the "vie ferrate" (equipped climbing routes) on the Campelli mountain range.

Piani Di Bobbio (1340-2150 meters) - 
The ski area is linked to the one of Valtorta, and that makes Piani Di Bobbio the largest ski area of the valley. 

The Valsassina Valley offers many opportunities for marvelous hikes immersed in nature, which are suitable for everyone. One of the most scenic paths is the one from Introbio which, after approximately 2.5 hours through a thick forest of chestnut trees, brings you to the rifugio (mountain hostel) of Bocca di Biandino. Now the characteristic mountain village of Premana makes an appearance at the edge of the Valsassina and Valtelline valleys: it is positioned on the Varrone Valley on the slopes of the Legnone and Pizzo Alto mountains in the Orobie Prealps.


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Una passeggiata in una splendida localita'immerso nel silenzio e a contatto con la natura.

Kachere (Fig) Tree, Chisamba, Zambia

Here is  the painting I finished, commissioned by a client from a recent trip that he took. This is a Kachere tree located at Protea Hotel Safari Lodge, Chisamba."http://www.proteahotels.com/protea-hotel-safari-lodge.html"

Kachere tree is a fig tree. Once it grows it produce a big tree with lots of shades. The fig species has a significant presence throughout Africa, with 112 species while it also has a number of distinctive characteristics.

The trees provide a number of benefits to animal species and humans alike. The fruit is enjoyed by elephants, antelope, monkeys, birds and bats, while leopards love to lie on their branches and the natural holes and crevices created by the trunk provide habitation for a number of species including warthog. 

Protea Hotel Safari Lodge, Zambia 

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Location: Lusaka City, Lusaka Region, Lusaka, Zambia

The three star Protea Hotel Safari Lodge is situated in Chisamba, Zambia, only 30 minutes from the capital city of Lusaka. The Lodge is located on a beautiful 2500ha private game reserve where leisure and corporate guests are accommodated in a relaxed and tranquil environment, surrounded by nature.

Accommodation at the Protea Hotel Safari Lodge, Zambia

The Protea Hotel Safari Lodge in Lusaka features several different accommodation options. There are chalets, deluxe rooms and standard rooms available to choose from. Guests may choose to stay in one of the 20 standard rooms each of which is equipped with either a king size bed or twin beds.

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